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'Helga’s Folly * Art *Museum * Heritage * Anti Hotel * Residence Kandy'.
A Sri Lankan's Home Welcomes You.

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‘Helga’s Folly * Art*Museum*Heritage* Anti Hotel*Residence Kandy’,

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‘Helga’s Folly * Art*Museum*Heritage*

Anti Hotel*Residence Kandy’,

in the ancient capital of Kandy in the fabled exotic, tropical island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

Helga’s Folly sits quietly, away from the hustle and bustle of the city which is just a 25 minute brisk walk away, clinging to the hillside, backed by jungle, overlooking magnificent mountain scenery, the golden roofed temple of THE TOOTH, the lake and city.


“Helga’s Folly is not perfect, t is Alice in Wonderland meets Ella Fitzgerald, Bridehead Revisited meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert!

“An eccentric collision between Faulty Towers and Absolutely Fabulous”

“It is more appealing that perfection ever could be as it is imperfections that true originality can generate, it is  soul balm for the stressed out visitor”. Some of the comments in their visitors books.

” Courtesy Carl Muler

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